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Celebrating Bishop Faith Emmanuel Benson (FEB) Idahosa

From Laurie Idahosa  -  Bishop Faith Emmanuel Benson (FEB) Idahosa (@febidahosa ), WE ARE ALL SO PROUD OF YOU!

You never needed to wear your father's shoes. Yours  are just perfect and have served you well.

You are an exemplary man who has modeled:
POWER and so much more.
Thank you for leading the way and for showing all of us what honor and respect as a 2nd Generation Leader is all about. 

You are the epitome of the #Idahosalegacy . What you have been able to do in the last 20 years is nothing short of the miraculous. .

You, your Mom and the teams you have built around you have succeeded in doing what almost every other industry, business and ministry in the country could not do. You have thrived as a 2nd Generation Leader.

Because of the approach that you have taken we can proudly boast in the Grace of God that:

Church of God Mission International is .... 45 years old.

All Nations for Christ Bible Institute is.... 50 years old .

Benson Idahosa University is... 23 years old

Faith Mediplex Hospital is.... 29 years old

Word of Faith Group of Schools is... 37 years old

Christian Fellowship International is.... 26 years old

Thank you for the way you have carried on the #IdahosaLegacy. I know you will answer me that it isn't you but that it is everyone, but, truth be told, your role deserves to be celebrated.

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