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Hillsong Testimonies: I no longer fear anything because I know God is with me

From Hillsong NYC  -  "My uncle invited me to the Christmas Eve service at #hillsongnyc in 2016. I was skeptical. But I'll never forget the words @carllentz said that night, "You're not here by coincidence. You were meant to be here. You're meant to start a relationship with Jesus." It felt like he was speaking directly to me. Growing up, I never really knew where I belonged. I was always afraid immigration would take my mom while I was at school. I was always prepared to go back to Argentina in case something happened to my family. I lived in constant fear. When DACA was released, I was finally able to breathe. Now as a volunteer at this church, I wake up at 4 AM every Sunday. I see the "Welcome Home" sign and understand that there's a girl, just like me, doing the same thing at Hillsong Buenos Aires & at Hillsong Spain. Since the repeal on DACA, I honestly haven't been afraid, whatsoever. If I get sent back to Argentina, I'd get to help build Hillsong Bueno Saires. This church has not only given me a place in this city but also in this WORLD. I no longer fear anything because I know God is with me and He is going to take me where He needs me. I just have to be faithful and follow Him with confidence."
- Aldana

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