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Gloria Copeland: If We Don't Listen To Him In The Small Things. We'll Never Hear Those Big Directions

From #copelandnetwork  -  Are you looking to do great things for God? First, you must be willing to obey Him in the small things! You may want to start a big ministry or become a spiritual giant—but God may want to fine-tune you in other areas first. So, be sure you have a correctable spirit—one that is willing to listen when God asks you to change your habits or word choices, or the way you use your time. Next stop—promotion! 

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Pastor Laurie Idahosa: It is possible that you are still single because you leave immediately after church

From Pastor Laurie Idahosa  -  #PonderThis  It is possible that you are still single because you leave immediately after church.
Did you know that church and social groups that share your same values are the best places to meet and develop relationships with like minded people? Wonder why you keep meeting and connecting with people who don't value or understand the real you?   Maybe, just maybe you aren't giving them a chance. Don't simply relate with the people you've been comfortable with in the past. You are a new creation in Christ Jesus (II Cor.5:17)

You Are Blessed, Blessed... Blessed - by Missy Robertson

From Tyndale House -  For anyone scared and overwhelmed by a problem they can't fix; anyone lost and searching for a way through: this devotional is for you.
Through scriptural teaching and personal stories drawn from Missy Robertsons' life, you'll discover how to trust in God through all life's fears and uncertainties, walk with grace through difficult times, be there for someone you love who is hurting, and lean into God's love instead of turning away from Him in your pain.