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Shamber Raine: If Christians don’t love Christianity why should the world?

From Shamber Raine -  Q U O T E
I was thinking about this yesterday and today. It seems to me that Christians often love worldly ways more than Christian ways. Which left me with the following question: If Christians don't love Christianity why should the world? We are often so puzzled when we see people left and right fall to the world, or the world itself not understanding us and having no desire to be a Christian. But doesn't it make sense when "Christian's" don't truly love being a Christian? Where is the appeal? I mean, if we are always showing the world all around us that we really just want to be like them, and we don't look any different, the world sees nothing exciting or invigorating to be a part of hence the reason they don't need to be a Christian. I am not just talking about our appearance and our character. I'm talking our entertainment, hobbies, careers, talk, clothing, and so much more. I think it's time that we draw the line between the world and Christians, and really strive to be different. Start actually being (rather than just talking about) "authentic," as everybody keeps raving about in the Christian circles. Frankly, I'm so tired of watching fellow Christians try so hard to look like the world, talk like the world, and do things that the world will do. And what makes it even worse is that they often put a Christian twist on it to justify their sin.
"Modeling for Christ!" As they have no problem posing seductively, and baring their chests and stomachs.
"It only had three bad parts and there were so many great lessons," and yet Christ warns us of guarding our eyes and ears by removing the sin completely, in order to save our souls.
"It has such a good beat though" and yet we know the verse "whatever is pure, whatever is lovely..."
I think we need to learn once again how to love being a Christian, own it, and walk upon the narrow path wandering neither to the right or left. .

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