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Morgan Harper Nichols : She will trust and she will believe...

From @morganharpernichols  -  She will trust
and she will believe
there is a reason she's still here,
and after everything she went through
she will make it through another day,
she will make it through another year.
–Morgan Harper Nichols
Dear D,
These are the words that came to mind, as I read your story. For everything you have been through, I hope these words are encouraging to you that...hey, you made it another day. You made it another year. After everything you have been through, you're still here, and that is a truly beautiful thing. - Morgan Harper Nichols
I wrote this and sent this to the one who has battled suicidal thoughts and has dealt with her loved ones not believing her. I wrote these words to her, and they are for anyone else who has been battling depression this year, too.  

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