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Morgan Harper Nichols - Just Because They're Succeeding Before You Doesn't Mean They're Succeeding In Replacement Of You

From 🌻 Morgan Harper Nichols  -  Leave a ♥️ below if you have ever had to be reminded of this. I know have.... and it's true. Even if they came up after you and are doing the same exact things you dreamed you would do, they still have not replaced you. Even if you put years into your passions and projects, they are not still not invalidated by those who are passionate about similar things. No two people's stories are the same, and there is no way to know when, where, or how things will play out, but you can know this to be true: what they have done with their lives does not limit you.  Who you have been called to be is who you have been called to be, and it does not matter what others do. I made sure to put this quote in my upcoming book (it will be available super soon!) because honestly, I need the reminder for myself, too. I have felt the weight of this before in my life, but I am learning to see with every year that while I am waiting, I am not just waiting. I am growing into who I need to be. And even the things I think are want are actually rooted in something so much deeper than what I see, and the more I focus on growing, the more these things will make sense to me.  - #morganharpernichols  

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